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Jaguars represent to be free, to be strong, to live life on their own terms... just like us.

We are the jaguar, and the jaguar is us..


Every piece is designed and handmade out of locally sourced and sustainable natural materials.



Hola hola, my name is Cat(harina) and

I'm a Dutchy living in the jungle of Mexico.

My brand was born out of my love for Mexico. That’s also why I continue to source all across the country myself - because I love discovering new materials,

techniques and artisans.

With a BA in design and the passion for Mexico, I've sought to create sustainable, unique and handmade pieces. The color palette of Jaguarita are earth tones and black, and only 100% natural materials (linen, cotton, leather, silk, wool). Jaguarita is a fusion of Mexican culture with the simplicity of European design.

I'm creating while trying to leave a positive impact on the planet by designing quality and multifunctional slowfashion - one creation at the time.

Jaguarita is available online, during events as a pop-up shop and in selected physical stores in different locations around the globe.

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