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All designs are created by me. The ponchos are sewed by myself as well. For the accessories I create the designs and work together with local artisans that are experts in their field of craft, together we create the unique pieces.

About Our Leather
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Every couple of months I head out for sourcing trips to Chiapas, Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende. I get my raw materials in these places and visit the artisans I work together with. To me it's very important to keep doing this in order to keep close with the local people and to keep getting inspired by the culture and all the things I see. I capture the sourcing through photos and videos to show where the final products essentially are coming from.. You can check these out on IG stories under -gira- (=tour)


Every piece is handcrafted and a unique piece. I only work with natural materials due to environmental reasons. For ponchos this means I only work with - linen, silk, wool and cotton. The hat straps are all made out of cotton, wool, leather or glass. And the accessories are all made out of wood and brass.  

About Our Leather


To give your new favorite piece a special touch I offer personalization for every sombrero and poncho I sell. 

You can have your name, inititals, phone number or anything you wish embroidered inside. Just shoot me a message after purchase and I will get back to you.

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